Hello Tribesmen!!!


Welcome to The Tribe.

Hello Tribesman,

First things first, WE ARE MORE THAN JUST A FANBASE.

We are a Tribe, a group of people that have come together for just one aim - to support the man Jude Abaga (M.I) and his craft. 

For you to be reading this, except you're a spy, then it should not be a revelation to you that M.I is the Best Rapper in Africa (Shoutout to BlaqBonez). You'll agree he's done it all, he fathered the game, it's in the record books, and he's influenced the culture and individuals too. So, the man deserves all the love, flowers and support he is getting and will get while he's with us.

You're welcome once again to The Incredible Tribe of Judah.

Except you live in a cave somewhere in the Serengeti, you must have heard of us, seen our Incredible moves and that definitely got you interested in what we do and how we move.

You're here finally, permit me to assume it's a dream come true, lol.

Without further Ado, let me quickly introduce you to how we tribe.

1. We have a WhatsApp group - our kingdom - where we gather, catch cruise, hold meetings, plan, rage, war and feast. If you agreed to be added, you should have owned a space there already.

2. We have other lands we occupy, TwitterInstagramFacebook and YouTube. Do well to engage us on all of these terrains.

3. We have a Tribal mark. Don't be scared, no one is incising your face. Look up at the header of this mail, that's our identity. The colours Gold and Black for Royalty and Power. Our Leader - The Lion of the Tribe is the greatest yunno.

4. Stay with us on the Scroll, don't leave us. We have something mind-blowing dropping soon. Whenever it drops, you will remember this scroll you read and recall that it was prophesied. Stay with us, you wouldn't want to miss it.

5. Lastly, all the incredible doings you've been impressed by are as a result of collective efforts from every Tribesman. We are using this medium to seek your indulgence again to support the tribe in all of our activities. We definitely will call on you when we need it.

Thanks for accepting to Tribe with us, that was some incredible move.

Now, let's join forces to take the aim of the movement higher.

You will be getting another scroll soon.

Till then, stay Incredible,
The Tribe.