The evil that is the Social media Bill.

The evil that is the Social media Bill.

Aftermath of the #endsars protest, the federal government of Nigeria is coming for our freedom - our social media.



Aftermath of the #EndSARS movement, the FG is coming after our freedom. 

We scared them, we finally found our voices, we showed them more than they thought this BBnaija generation ever could do and they never saw it coming. Now, they are trying to take our power; our right, our voice, our freedom of expression, the only way we can get unfiltered and unadulterated information.

The only way we can make our voices heard. To make our opinions count. They are trying to gag us.

They want to keep us in the dark and we refuse to be shushed.

Our right of free expression is protected by the Section 39(1) of the 1999 constitution.

But the government has shown throughout our history as a nation that they couldn’t care less for the rule of law when it doesn’t suit them.

Just days ago, The NBC fined Channels, AIT, and Arise TV for what they tagged “Unprofessional coverage” of the #EndSars protest. 

And before that, a tweep, Babatunde Olushola(@jaythedope) was jailed for 82 days for having a Goodluck Jonathan parody account.

If the social media bill gets passed, it will get worst. 

If you are unaware of what the bill entails, let me acquaint you 

What does the bill really say?

The Protection from internet falsehood and manipulation bill 2019 says that; Individuals who transmit statements that authorities determine to be “false” or likely to "Influence the outcome of an election" or "prejudicial to the security of Nigeria" may be imprisoned for up to 3 years or fined up to 300,000 naira or both, and offenders who are not individuals face up to 10 million naira fines.

Another section of the bill introduces fines for companies who fail to comply with orders to disable Nigerian’s access to content.

These are totally unacceptable in a democratic society 

What we want: 

 1. The death of the social media bill in all forms and incarnations in all of our Assemblies, be it National or state level.

 2. Zero government censorship on Social media and the internet as a whole.

 3. Immediate release of all journalists that have been arrested for criticism of the government under the 2015 cybercrime act.

 4. Immediate Repealing of Section 24 of the 2015 cybercrime act, which is used to criminalize news distribution


We can't let this bill get signed.

We say #notosocialmediabill.